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Woodpecker Medical

Ai Motor Red Edition

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Ai Motor Red - Woodpecker's Endo Motor with self penetrating head for simpler ledge bypassing.  

The Woodpecker brushless endo motor - Enhanced for experts with safer ledge bypassing.

The red edition has a self pulsating function to ensure the ledges can be bypassed freely and safely without the need for manula insertion and withdrawal. 

Offers safe ledge bypassing

• Use watch winding motion; 90 degree clockwise and 90 degree counterclockwise up to the ledge.

• Use a pre-curved file

• Small up and down amplitudes of motion for the file to climb up the ledge

• Once file has bypassed the ledge, press the bottom again (without withdrawing the file).

•This then changes to a rotational mode and can quickly smooth the ledge without withdrawing the file.

• The speed and torque can be adjusted within the range of 100-2500RPM and 0.4Ncm - 5.0Ncm

Customised reciprocating angle

• Adjustable rotation angle in reciprocating mode.

• 20º - 340º adjustment range.

• 10º adjustment intervals.

 Mini contra-angle

• Easier preparation for posterior teeth.

• Clearer and broader surgical field.

• 8.0mm diameter. 

• 9.7mm height.

• 360º rotatable contra-angle.

Integrated apex locator mode delivers safety protection

• Auto start/stop at root canal orifice.

• Auto slowdown at narrow apex.

• Auto reverse/stop at apical stop.

• Integrated apex locator mode. 

 High performance brushless motor

(~10x the service life of the brush motor)

• Stable cutting can still be ensured at the narrow or curved apex.

• Reduce the risk of instrument separation and improve preparation efficiency.

 Technical Specifications

Speed: 100-2500RPM

Torque: 0.4-5.0Ncm

Charging mode: Wireless charging

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

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