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Sure-Seal Root™ PT

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Bioceramic sealing material

Bioceramic sealing material for pulp capping, permanent root canal repair and filling. Sure-Seal Root™ PT is delivered by capsule containing the mixture of calcium aluminosilicate cement, liquid and several compound particles. Sure-Seal Root™ PT sets in the root without the mixing process or additional water. 

Cell Adhesion

Cell adhesion and cell spreading is much more powerful in Sure-Seal Root™ PT compared to white mineral trioxide aggregate. 

Sure-Seal Root™ PT boasts impressive mineralisation abilities, forming extensive aparite crystals on the surface. 


Sure-Seal Root™ PT doesn't cause inflammatory responses, promotes mineralisation, and bioactivity.


 Setting time

Initial within 8 mins | Final within 50 mins



Film thickness


PH (1 Day)


Compressive strength (7 Days)



Key Features:

• Pre-mixed putty in capsule

• Paste-only filling

• Fast setting time

• Great compressive strength

• Biocompatible 

• Antibacterial effects from alkaline pH

• Excellent Radiopacity

 What's in the box:

Capsules (0.25g) x 10

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