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O-Star wide spectrum curing light

Woodpecker curing light - Available at a great introductory price!

Small but powerful making a big difference

Full-metal body, ergonomically-streamlined design, without fatigue from extended usage periods.

• 108g main unit

• Anti-shock and durable

• Lightweight design

7 Modes to fully meet a variety of clinical needs

Like an all star, O-Star is strong in performance, well-controlled and can fully meet various clinical needs. Normal high turbo orthodontist soft pulse check. 

Normal Mode

Constant light intensity: 1000-1200mw/cm²

Suitable for most treatment scenarios, such as fillings, restorations, etc.

Time setting; 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s.

High Mode

Constant light intensity: 1800-2000mw/cm²

Suitable for quick curing, ensuring enough curing depth.

Time setting; 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s.

Turbo Mode

Constant light intensity: 2700-3000mw/cm²

Ultra-high light intensity for minimal curing time, 2mm resin in 1 second. 

Time setting; 1s, 3s

Ortho Mode

Light intensity: 2700-3000mw/cm²

High light intensity with strong penetrability, especially suitable for orthodontic bracket bonding.

Time setting; 3s five burst, 3s ten burst

Soft Mode

Constant light intensity: 0-1200mw/cm²

Gradual increase of light intensity to effectively reduce resin shrinkage. 

Time setting; 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s

Pulse Mode

The LED will stop for 0.4s at an interval of 0.6s curing. When working in a cycle of treatment, it can effectively reduce heat generation, efficiently dissipate heat and ensure the comfort of diagnosis and treatment. 

Time setting; 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s

Check Mode


This mode outputs a single purple light. When special glasses are worn, the caries are obviously orange-red.

Application: Detection of caries, calculus and cracked teeth.

Uniform beam, strong penetrability

More-focused light output thanks to the light angle of only 15.8º, ensuring good deep curing effect. 

Less Light Loss

The light intensity of curing lights decreases when the distance of the curing light increases. Compared to other curing lights (VALO Cordless / Bluephase PowerCure) the O-Star undergoes less light loss. 

Light intensity up to 3000 mw/cm²

The high light intensity brings sufficient curing depth, which can reduce the curing time and greatly improve the efficiency of resin curing. 

Equipped with 10w LED

Light intensity up to 3000mw/cm², bringing you full confidence in curing. 

Charging base with built-in light meter

There is a light meter built in to the charging base. Accurate light intensity is required for efficient polymerisation of the resin, bringing you and your patients the best treatment experience.

Technical Specifications

Size: 204mm x 23mm x 23mm

Weight: 108g

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Wave length 385nm~515nm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
5 star product

I’m completely sold on the O-star. It is much lighter and easier to handle than the valo which I was using previously. The stem is much narrower and thinner and can be rotated which is useful to cure the buccal, palatal and occlusal sides seemlessly. The standing charger is a nice feature as it means it never runs out of battery at crucial times. I do a lot of adhesive dentistry and this is my new go to light cure device.

Love the O-Star

Getting on really well with the O-Star so far. Love the ortho setting. Turbo cured 1s to cement 10 veneers on the same patient and cleaned excess nicely and the higher power 3 second cures when building composite cusps is awesome.
Only downside is the plastic cover is a bit slippery and if I’m rushing may drop. Overall I’d give it a 9/10