Online Endodontic Webinar (receive over £300/€350 worth of materials )

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An endodontic webinar hosted online by Dr. Daniel Flynn. Wednesday 22nd November 7:30 pm  

What you'll achieve: 

• The focus of the webinar will be a simplified method for managing complex curves and how to mix and match different file systems depending on the anatomy of each case. 

• Everyone will have the same double curved 3-D printed tooth which unlike most plastic blocks and plastic teeth; this is a challenge to shape.

• You will learn the tactile controlled activation technique and other hints and tricks of how to successfully manage complex anatomy.

• You will be able to see the challenges of obturating curved canals and some simple tips of how to improve predictability.

• Feel free to use previously accessed extracted teeth.

You'll receive £300 worth of Toothsaver products sent to you: 

• Minikut files
• Toothsaver files                                                                                    
• GP Points #20 04 (max 1mm diameter)
• One-Fil® bioceramic sealer 
• Paper points
• Irriflex tips


What you'll need to provide yourself:

• Endo Motor
• 10 Stainless steel handfiles
• Irrigation Syringe

If you're unable to provide the above, Toothsaver carries most of the products needed.  Click the links below to purchase them:

If you already have these products let’s us know and we can customise your order.

Endo Motor

Ai Motor  |  Ai Motor Black Edition  |  Ai Motor Red Edition

Down Pack Device 

Fi-P Obturation Device



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
patrick demri
Worthwhile online Endodontic Webinar

I really appreciated this webinar.
To do again.
Thank you

Rajiv Tanday

Unfortunately did not receive kit for webinar. Listening to the demo I don't think a hands on demo works via a webinar.

Dimitar Georgiev
Toothsaver philosophy

The Toothsaver Facebook group has been a source of much needed endo inspiration and a great learning tool! The Toothsaver website is an amazing place where you can find good quality products at affordable prices! Great credit to the Toothsaver team for everything that they do! 😁

Ajay Patel
Very useful for narrow and bendy canals

Excellent webinar to really help with negotiating narrow and bendy canals with the use of 04 Taper systems.

John Anderson

Not received

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Ask Our Expert - Dr Daniel Flynn, Specialist Endodontist

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