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Woodpecker Medical

Surgic Touch piezo

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3rd generation of Woodpecker Piezo bone surgery


After ten years of research and development, the third generation of Piezo bone surgery is finally here.

Clinical application

Minimally invasive tooth extraction, intralift, sinus lift, alveoloplasty, apical cyst extraction, crown extraction, crest splitting, etc.

Micron cutting

• 20-100µm tip vibration amplitude.

• Minimum surgical incision size is 3.5mm long x 0.5mm wide.

Selective cutting with no injury to soft tissue. 

• Ideal for minimally invasive procedures. 

• Aides in avoiding mental nerve and sinus membrane at close proximity. 

Cold cutting mode

• Produces little heat whilst cutting. 

• Iced water can be used to cool tip to ideal temperature (below 38ºC).

• Water then can be used to flush surgical field for optimal visibility.

High performance hand piece

• Optimised hand-piece with stronger sealing technology.

• High temperature disinfection for improved performance. 

• Bright LED for clearer visibility.


• Multi-function foot pedal for simple operation. 

• 7" touch screen for ease of use and clear viewing.

• Tips kit - used primarily for tooth extraction.  Includes high quality gold plated tips. 


Cutting mode
Power levels are divided into seven classes based on bone density. These settings adjust power and water pressure. 
01 - Level 5, 6 ,7: Class I bone
Suitable for high bone density / big cortical bone
02 - Level 3, 4: Class II bone
Suitable for high bone density / large cortical bone
03 - Level 2, 3: Class III bone
Suitable for uniform bone density / good cortical bone
04 - Level 1, 2: Porotic bone
Suitable for low density bone / poor cortical bone
Periodontal mode
Under teeth mode, the power and water volume are adjustable.
Endodontic mode
Under teeth mode, the power and water volume are adjustable.
Cleaning mode
Step on the foot pedal for 3 seconds to confirm. The main unit then automatically pumps water to clean the pipe for 25 seconds.
Ensure to use cleaning mode after each treatment. 
Technical specifications
Size: 276mm x 267mm x 110mm
Weight: 2.8kg
Intermittent running: 60 second operation followed by 10 second pause
Power input: 100V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, 150VA
Working frequency: 24kHz - 36kHz
Water flow: 25ml - 110ml per minute.

Two year warranty on the device, one year warranty for the hand-piece. 

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