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Retreatment in Endo Course | £750 | APRIL 23

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Day 3:

(Can be booked as a stand alone day subject to availability)  

Complex cases and retreatment

1) How specialists remove gp, step by step  

2) Ledge bypassing 

3) Unblocking canals 

4) Separated instrument removal

5) How to remove a post (metal/fibre)

6) Scouting 

7) Intro to endo microsurgery  


Endodontic masterclasses with Dr Flynn and Dr Farnararo that aims to give you protocols to predictably treat simple and complex cases using the latest endodontic advances.

Problem solving:

The most common questions we are asked on course:

• I can't find all the canals

• I can't get to length predictably

• I want to use and understand bioceramic sealers

• My obturation is short

• Can you help with instrumenting curved canals?

• Can we make obturation easier and more predictable?


• Ideal access preparation.

• Where to locate canals.

• Endodontic anatomy.

• Stop losing working length. • Improve the predictability of your treatment.

• You will work on 3-D printed teeth and extracted teeth

• How control memory files can make instrumentation easier.

• Tips for getting and maintaining patency.

• The latest irrigation and obturation techniques

The step by step process of how to instrument a double curve which once understood will make the process of instrumenting single curves easy.





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