Sure-Seal Root™ Sealer

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Sure Endo's calcium aluminosilicate bioceramic sealing material for root canal sealing.

Sure-Seal Root™ is a convenient pre-mixed, ready to use calcium aluminosilicate bioceramic sealer in paste form developed for permanent obturation of the root canal. It does not shrink and has excellent physical properties.

Key Features:

• Premixed and injectable

• Great flowability from syringe

• Resin and eugenol free

• Excellent bonding to gutta-percha and dentin

• No shrinkage

• Hydrophilic

• Generates calcium hydroxide when setting

• pH increase up to 12+

• Alkaline environment makes it antibacterial

• Sets within 25 minutes. 


What's in the box:

Syringe (2ml) x 1

Length marked capillary tips x 20

Extension holder 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gari Lazaryev
Clinical handling

Amazing time saver. No post op discomfot on unintrended extrusion

Panos Karavellas
High tech and simple solution for obturation

This is an excellent product in my non-specialist hands. It is not too runny but also not viscous at all. Allows you to safely fill the canal and push the master cone to length while also allowing some hydraulic pressure to push the sealer into side canals or apical deltas.
Good tip; check that there is no set particles when placing a fresh tip as clogging may occur. If it does, just declog with a small size i.e #08 file so you don't waste material by placing new tip.

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