One-Fil Bioceramic Sealer

Case Study

Latest One Fil cases forwarded to me by a specialist today. Great tidy work 👌

Case Study 2

One-Fil really does flow! Latest case forwarded to me from a dentist in the group. Nice action between mb and ml canals.

Tip from Dr Daniel Flynn

Can you use heat with One-Fil? Yes, but you don’t need to in most cases if you can inject the sealer accurately apically. For Bioroot it is not recommended as there is reduced flow, increased viscosity and weight loss.

Case Study 3

Making obturation easy without large coronal flares. One-Fil in a Complex Mb root canal system.

Case Study 4

Couple of One-Fil cases from an endodontist and general dentist this week. 1) PCO on a lower molar with long narrow roots, great work . 2) Upper premolar for 3 UDA’s One Fil has great flowability it takes a little practice to get the optimal amount of sealer but little puffs of sealer are not to be feared due to biocompatiblity and low cytotoxicity of the material. Also as a rule when you see an apical lesion there will be associated apical resorption.

Case Study 5

For those who asked about the radio-opacity of One-Fil cement. Toms beautiful postop shows that the material has a nice radio-opacity. This value is circa 7mmAl.