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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Ultrasonic Tips | All SizesUltrasonic Tips | All Sizes
Woodpecker Medical Ultrasonic Tips | All Sizes
Sale priceFrom €33,00
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Woodpecker Medical S6 LED
Sale price€479,00
Wireless ultrasonic device (endo3)Wireless ultrasonic device (endo3)
D600 HandpieceD600 Handpiece
Woodpecker Medical D600 Handpiece
Sale price€126,00
Multibuy : Satellec fitting Ultrasonic Handpiece HD-8HMultibuy : Satellec fitting Ultrasonic Handpiece HD-8H
Torque Wrench For ultrasonic tipsTorque Wrench For ultrasonic tips
Ultrasonic wrench
Woodpecker Medical Ultrasonic wrench
Sale price€7,00
G8 endo tip -
Woodpecker Medical Post removal (G8 endo tip)
Sale price€29,00

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