Diamond 141-014 XC | 100 Pack

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Extra Coarse Diamond Burs by TriHawk

We've had these burs tested by leading prosthodontists and have had great feedback. These burs are great for gross reduction and can be used for cutting through zirconia. Some of the prosthodontists now use the Diamond 141-014C routinely for crown and cavity preps too (this bur has the same shape but is extra coarse)

The larger and sharper diamond particles cut faster and cleaner than course and medium grit burs. This makes it ideal for use with zirconia.

The process to make these burs include a careful selection mix of diamond grits. Use of special Swiss-made stainless steel blanks, which are hardened, turned and ground for maximum precision and minimum vibration. Every one of the burs is microscopically tested. They are crafted using an HBN plating method that equally ensures an even, homogenized diamond surface.


Head diameter: 1.4 mm

Head length: 8.0 mm

Grit: Extra Course



Discount available for bulk buys of more than 100 burs.

Quoted price is all inclusive including delivery.

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