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Endo@PreP™ Cream

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EDTA-based root canal cleanser

For root canal cleaning and preparation

A patented root canal cleaning and preparation gel with great chelation and lubricating effect. Dental cleanser for removal of dental pulp tissues in root canal treatment.

What's in the box:

Syringe (9g) x 2


Removal of inorganic substances by chelation (EDTA-Ca)
• Easy application with lubricating action.
• Provide a clean, smear-free canal wall.

This unique gel-type EDTA contains polyacrylic acid (carbomer) and urea peroxide. The addition of polyacrylic acid provides viscosity and has a lubrication effect.

Unlike previously marketed viscous chelators, this EDTA solution showed similar wettability as the liquid type.

Traditionally, viscous chelators have been used to promote the emulsification of organic tissue and facilitate the negotiation of the canal. Urea peroxide and NaOCl produce significant effervescence, creating an elevator action to help evacuate debris.

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