VS Flexi File | Blue

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Vs Flexi Files - NiTi Rotary Files

Click here to find out more about the VS Flexi Files.

For maximum peri-cervical dentine preservation.

Advanced users only as modified obturation techniques required.

Prepare apical 3/4mm and maximise dentine preservation coronally.

These rotary files have a variable regressive taper, controlled memory, a parallelogram cross-section and a non cutting tip.

Sizes #13.04/ #17.04 
#20.06 / # 25.06 / #30.06 (06 taper only in apical 3mm)
Available in packs of 6

For maximum peri-cervical dentine preservation.

6 files- 20 06, 13 04, 17 04, 20 06, 25 06, 30 06 

Rotary memory controlled NiTi files have a number of advantages over stainless steel files, including: better flexibility, less risk of channel transportation and shortening the duration of the cleaning/shaping procedure

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pablo Lobato
Vs flexi file blue

Great files!
Nice to have for narrow canals or very curve ones.

Veena Nellahalli

VS Flexi File | Blue

raj gonsai
Highly recommend

These files are a complete game changer.

Tom Brannen
Fantastic File

I have been using the VS gold and now the VS blue for almost all my first time treatments for approximately 6 months now. A great file system, very conservative and very efficient to use. The 17.04 vs blue alone is a great glide path file that could be added to a protocol with any system.


Game changer file system. Smooth and comfortable feel. Good value for money.

Dr Flynn explains the Vs-Flexi Files (Blue)

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