Ai Motor Black Edition

Color: Black motor
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Ai Motor - For endodontist and dentists who wish to do advanced endo with built in T-Mode by Dr. Yoshi Terauchi

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Key features: T-mode for bypassing ledges.

Can use all files with this motor.

This brushless endo motor with apex locator - Redesigned for experts with built in T-Mode and up to 2500RPM speed for retreatment and advanced endo.

Why T-mode? Offers safe ledge bypassing

• Use watch winding motion; 90 degree clockwise and 90 degree counterclockwise up to the ledge.

• Use a pre-curved file

• Small up and down amplitudes of motion for the file to climb up the ledge

• Once file has bypassed the ledge, press the bottom again (without withdrawing the file).

•This then changes to a rotational mode and can quickly smooth the ledge without withdrawing the file.

• The speed and torque can be adjusted within the range of 100-2500RPM and 0.4Ncm - 5.0Ncm

 Also now with contra-angle handpiece for vertical motion.

The red and black editions have the same features and an additional contra-angle head with vertical can be purchased to ensure the ledges can be bypassed freely and safely without the need for manula insertion and withdrawal.

Link for head with vertical motion here.

Customised reciprocating angle

• The Ai Endo motor has adjustable rotation angle in reciprocating mode.

This is very useful when trying to negotiate challenging anatomy or bypassing separated instruments.

• 20º - 340º adjustment range.

• 10º adjustment intervals.

Mini contra-angle

• Easier preparation for posterior teeth or when access is challenging.

Also consider control memory files which can be prebend to make access into the canals easier.

• 8.0mm diameter. 

• 9.7mm height.

• 360º rotatable contra-angle, very useful function when using the apex locator.


Integrated apex locator mode delivers safety protection

• Auto start/stop at root canal orifice.

• Auto slowdown at narrow apex.

• Auto reverse/stop at apical stop.

• Integrated apex locator mode. 


High performance brushless motor

• ~10x the service life of the brush motor

• Stable cutting can still be ensured at the narrow or curved apex.

• Reduce the risk of instrument separation and improve preparation efficiency.


Technical Specifications

Speed: 100-2500RPM

Torque: 0.4-5.0Ncm

Charging mode: Wireless charging

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh 


The Ai Endo motor is a cordless endo motor and has root canal measurement capability. It can be used as an endo motor for preparation and enlargement of root canals, or device for measuring canal length. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Ai Motor Black Edition

Dana Vosooghi
Great kit

I bought the black Ai motor couple of weeks ago. I have managed to carry out only few cases with this motor so far.
It is very efficient, easy to use, compatible to different file systems. The in build Apex locator make life easier. However, I have some hit and miss with it. I think this is probably due to not being used to this system.
The small head with 360 degree rotation is an ergonomic heaven, even the most difficult accessible tooth is no bother.
I love the look too, it sleek and stylish. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it.

Usmaan majid
Simply a brilliant motor

The high quality yet lightweight black and rose gold Ai motor is a truly fantastic bit of kit. It has made endo much more enjoyable. In particular this is thanks to the 360 small head and built in apex locator. Easily programmable to any file system and it looks so smart. Highly likely to purchase more units to replace my other 2 old wired units to make a trio of Ai motors!

Cracking piece of kit

So been using the AI motor for a few weeks now and I have to say it’s a cracking piece of kit. First impression is just how quiet it is. Even in reciprocation it barely makes a whisper, infact when if first started playing with it I thought it was faulty as I couldn’t hear the motor 😂. When you’re using it, it is so light and balanced and with the small head means it can get into the most awkward of spaces with no bother at all.
I’ve never used an integrated apex locator and motor before and wasnt sure how it would work with my treatment flow, but it is flawless. The apex locator is accurate and automatically tells when you’re measuring WL and using it with the file attached so no swapping settings when you’re working which makes treatment so smooth. I’m still playing with all the settings but so far I couldn’t be more impressed.

Great piece of equipment

Thought I d do a quick review on the black AI endo motor.
Got it last week and used it this week on a few cases. I can only compare it to the dentsply x smart plus and lightly to the endomatic motor ( which I ve messed around with for a couple hours)
In terms comfort the motor is well balanced and for my average size hands it fits quite comfortably. The ‘on’ / rotate button is positioned well and resistance is good.
Battery life is excellent. I was first a bit worried that I would need to keep the motor on charge as with my x smart plus but so far no worries about the motor dying on me midway through treatment.
The contra angle is noticeably smaller compared with the endomatic and x smart plus which is great in cases with limited access
The apex locator is good. I ve used the apex locator in rotation / reciprocation and getting good working lengths. Having the in built apex locator definately has cut down my work time in simple cases.
The ai motor has quite a few presets and is an open system as long as you know the torque and speed (and forward and reverse angle for reciprocation ) you can use any file. I’ve used pathfiles, protaper next , vs flexi and waveone. No concerns.
Do I wish I had the ai earlier. 100% yes.

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