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Showing 1 - 24 of 216 products
Retraction Cord Packer 1.3Retraction Cord Packer 1.3 Retraction Cord Packer 1.3
Sale price€48,00
Elastic Applicators Elastic Applicators
Sale price€15,00
27G Applicators 27G Applicators
Sale price€15,00
22G Applicators 22G Applicators
Sale price€15,00
Rubber Dam liquid Rubber Dam liquid
Sale price€41,00
Tungsten Carbide Safe Ended Endo Bur
Sub gingival nozzles Sub gingival nozzles
Sale price€35,00
Cavity prep bur Cavity prep bur
Sale price€7,00
Refined access diamond bur Refined access diamond bur
Sale price€7,00
Rugby ball shape bur Rugby ball shape bur
Sale price€6,00
Endo access burs (beasts and refined).Endo access burs (beasts and refined).
Retreatment file D3 Retreatment file D3
Sale price€46,00
Retreatment fileRetreatment file Retreatment file
Sale price€46,00
Recip-one blue #25 Recip-one blue #25
Sale price€46,00
Perio tip kitPerio tip kit Perio tip kit
Sale price€83,00
Toothsaver conservative access kit with lid cover
Pluggers for Shavit-Zemurg Pellet former.
Phosphor Plates Size 3
Woodpecker Medical Phosphor Plates Size 3
Sale price€48,00
Satellec fitting Ultrasonic Handpiece HW-8HSatellec fitting Ultrasonic Handpiece HW-8H
Ultrasonic Handpiece HD-8L Ultrasonic Handpiece HD-8L
Sale price€123,00
Shavit-Zemurg Pellet former and plugger kit
Ultrasonic Tip GD21Ultrasonic Tip GD21 Ultrasonic Tip GD21
Sale price€35,00
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